This week’s comedy podcast round-up

wtf 150x150 This weeks comedy podcast round upWTF with Marc Maron – Episode 479 – Lena Dunham and Episode 480 – Duncan Trussel

It was a great week for WTF fans with two classic WTF episodes.  Read our write-up on the Lena Dunham episode here.  On episode 480, Marc expresses his support of free speech but disdain for some of his fan`s recent comments on his message board pertaining to the Lena Dunham appearance, and how these trolls only seem to come out when women are on his show.  The Duncan Trussel interview is excellent by the way.  He details his spiritual quest amid his rising star, family death, and his battle with cancer.

weird 150x150 This weeks comedy podcast round upYou Made it Weird with Pete Holmes – Justin Willman

After listening to this, I definitely need to check out a magic show.  Justin Willman is a magician, and Pete and Justin have a great chat about magic, drugs, relationships IE an episode of You Made it Weird.  Check it out!

MMpodcast 150x150 This weeks comedy podcast round upBill Burr`s Monday Morning Podcast – March 17, 2014

I personally had the pleasure of catching Bill Burr on Sunday evening in what may have been the best stand-up show I`ve seen.  This episode was recorded the following day and Bill`s guest is tour opener Paul Virzi on the ass-end of their Canadian tour.  I loved their tales of touring the great white north and their encounters with the drunken animals I grew up with in Calgary.

nerdist 150x150 This weeks comedy podcast round upThe Nerdist – Will Arnett

The hilarious Will Arnett hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about what they would do with a billion dollars, his new show The Millers on CBS, the importance of having a good editor and French Canadian swear words.